Having fun around Gili Meno

We do not give you just a room to stay. We give you an environment so you can experience the best while on a holiday with us. Walk or cycle around the island and explore the best attractions on our beautiful island

Top Attractions

Here is the list of our best recommendations for visitors to Gili Meno

White Sand Beach

Gili Meno was voted best beach of Indonesia by TripAdvisor In 2016 and third best beach in Southeast Asia. The turquoise waters south of the harbor is our favorite spot. You can visit the turtle sanctuary while there.

Bask Nest

World-renowned artist Jayson DeCaires Taylor designed these underwater statues , representing the cycle of life. This one of the most popular snorkeling sites and can get busy at times. They are located in front of the Bask resort sign, in shallow waters just four meters below the surface

Scuba Diving

With more than 25 dive sites to choose from, the Gili Islands offer excellent diving year-round. The dive sites can be reached within 15 minutes, so all your dives are single tank trips. The visibility is excellent year-round


Gili Meno is surrounded by a colorful reef, the best spots are “Turtle Heaven” in the northeast, “Meno “Wall” in the northwest and the “Bounty wreck” in the southwest. We recommend to follow the current and gently drift over the reef. You can also book a boat trip to see all the best spots in just 2-3 hours.

Cycling around

Why not discover the island at your own pace, cycle around and meet the friendly locals.
If you prefer to walk, one complete tour around the island along the beach is just 5 km.


You can rent Paddleboards and Kayaks if you need the exercise, but please do not forget to protect you from the sun

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Join Yoga classes

Island tour with horses

Other Activities

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Island Hopping

Want to explore Gili Air or Trawangan for a day, we can help you arrange the trip.

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Golf in Lombok

Just 20 minutes by boat to reach the 18 holes Kossaido Golf Course

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Dining Options

We know all the restaurants on the island and can guide you in your choices

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